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Animal-Mama is a passion project that aims to provide unique, holistic, healthy, affordable and personalized pet services to animal lovers in Cambodia. As Veterinary Hospital & Animal Welfare Center it offer medical veterinary services, pet boarding, animal daycare, socialization, hydrotherapy, doggy pool & homemade holistic food and treats. Founded by the animal lover, long-time animal welfare activist and a businesswoman, Yulia Khouri, the proceeds from this project fund the on-going rescue/adoptions/health services for the street animals as well as the country-wide education about animal welfare to public.

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After my first visit to Animal Mama, I was blown away by all the amazing animal projects they are involved with. They take in sick and injured animals when no one else will and do everything they can to give them a chance. The compassion and kindness they show the animals is awesome and the level of professionalism and customer service is second to none. They are much more than a Veterinary Hospital and work to help the community with regular events and initiatives like the free vaccination and spay days. Stray and abandoned animals are given the best of care, with all the costs being covered by Animal Mama. It is rare to meet people like Yulia and Darren and we are so grateful our paths have crossed.

Lee Fox-Smith, Customer

I cannot thank Animal Mama Veterinary Hospital & Pet wellness center enough! Thank you for being so kind and taking care of my puppy. It is a clean facility and all of the staff is super friendly and patient as well. I never have to wait for a long period of time to receive care if my puppy is ill. Every procedure is thoroughly explained to me beforehand, which is nice and quite rare in Cambodia… My poor puppy had a lot of health issues and was suffering immensely when I first got her. Luckily Animal Mama was able to help me nurture back into health. I feel safe with my dog at their care and would not go to another veterinary clinic in Cambodia.

Annina Rajander, Customer

Disclaimer – I adopted my lovely beagle Pullo from Animal Mama. Ever since, whenever I need help related to Pullo, be it boarding or medical attention or just advise in general, Animal Mama had always been super helpful. Always willing to give advice to panicky first time dog parents when I called them up or chatted with them on FB. Once Pullo had a hot spot on his leg; I brought Pullo down for a check up and they diagnosed it as nothing serious and would go away on its own (it did). I offered to pay for the consultation but they declined saying that it really wasn’t a lot of effort to check him. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging anyone to think they can get these excellent care and services for free – this organisation needs to be paid for its services in order to stay afloat and help rehabilitate many of the abused and abandoned animals that go through its doors every day. What I am saying is that I am convinced this isn’t about money for them. Folks with hearts. What more can you ask for?

Folks with hearts. What more can you ask for?

Joshua Chiang, Customer

Animal Mama is a fantastic resource for anyone that 1) has an animal, 2) loves animals, or 3) lives on the same planet as animals. Here’s why: 1) They provide excellent, diagnosis-based health care for pet owners. Importantly, this is a business with a heart, so you don’t need to worry about being made to pay for unnecessary medications or procedures. 2) They do whatever they can to help as many animals as possible. I brought an infant bat to them one Friday night and they stayed overtime doing everything they could to give it a chance. 3) Even if cats and dogs don’t give you the fuzzy-wuzzies, you can thank Animal Mama for their community programs to eliminate rabies, a huge risk in Cambodia for everyone. They’re just a great effort to support.

Irina Chakraborty , Customer

There is no place more welcoming than here! Unlike any veterinary service I have ever been to, you and your little furry ones will be welcomed and doted on by the wonderful Animal Mama family from the moment you walk in. The work going on here to help every and any animal in need never stops and is absolutely amazing. Yulia and Darren have the biggest hearts in two people that you will find and the world is very lucky to have them and the difference they make!

Kinda Szondy, Customer

Animal mamma is the best place in Phnom Penh for your pets! I had very positive experience! My dog was there for two month and then successfully delivered in Italy. Yulia and her team are very professional and attentive! My dog is very happy and healthy so me too)!!! Yulia is a animal loving person and she kept me updated all the time with videos and photos of my dog! Very recommended!.

Elena Belevtseva, Customer

Animal Mama is one of the best Vet in town, caring and passionate people working from the bottom of their heart to make sure our little man’s best friends have a happy healthy life with us. Thank you to everyone there esp Yulia for being very kind and helpful to my cat, Kuma and made me the happiest mom ever seeing my boy healthy. Keep up the great great works!

PuthKunthea Run, Customer

“Brilliant place. Yulia and Darren are hugely knowledgeable, friendly and doing a great work helping some very vulnerable animals in PP. Helped us navigate the paperwork hell of relocating our cats to the UK. Would strongly recommend to anyone.
Ps – you might get to play with some extremely cute kittens/animals during your visit too!”


Katie Elias, Customer

Animal mama has the best service in Phnom Penh. I have taken almost all my animals here and I am more than 100% satisfied with their brilliant services. This animal veterinary hospital is not driven by money like many other places, but by compassion and putting the animals well being first. They will go to any extreme to help your pets out and are always willing to try and find a solution to help. When you walk inside Animal Mama you feel at home, welcomed with such kindness and love and no matter what time of day you can call and they will be there ready to help. I am so happy that here in Phnom Penh we are blessed with such an amazing team who will go above and beyond for us. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. The animal Mama team is amazing.

Morgan Lee Coetzee, Customer

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Our brand new Veterinary clinic is opened next door to our Animal Wellness Center. With our team of International & Khmer medical team we offer advanced veterinary expertise at the most affordable prices in Cambodia!

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Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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