Animal welfare laws


Dogs and cats are two of the most popular domestic animals that people keep as companions. However, not all countries have animal welfare laws that protect the safety of animals. It’s unfortunate that Cambodia is one of those.

And while there are good people and organizations that help homeless animals, many of them are still living in horrible conditions. This is where animal clinics and shelters step in to rescue dogs and cats, as well as raise awareness on their welfare.


What is it like for dogs and cats in Cambodia?


There is an immense amount of suffering for dogs and cats in Cambodia. This is due to Cambodia’s status as a developing country and a lack of veterinary care for stray animals.

Cambodia also lacks legislation aimed at protecting the welfare of animals. In many cases, an unwanted animal is dumped at a Buddhist pagoda. This is combined with the dog and cat trade meat trade, which is a side effect of the presence of a large number of stray animals.


Why are some animals abandoned?


Many in Cambodia mistakenly believe that Buddhist monks will care for animals which are abandoned at Buddhist temples. Unfortunately, due to the high number of animals who are dropped off at pagodas, it is difficult to properly care for all of them, and some will die due to insufficient resources and care.

This represents the need for a dog rescue Cambodia which can serve this population of abused animals.


What happens to abandoned animals?

dog rescue cambodia


Some of the dogs and cats which are left at pagodas are stolen for the pet trade. These animals are then sold for their meat on the market. They are trafficked in a cage or a sack, then brutally killed by drowning. The meat is then sold at a roadside stall and is marketed as ‘special meat.’


How big of a problem is rabies in Cambodia and Southeast Asia?


Rabies is a major problem in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Approximately 5 million dogs are circulating with rabies in Cambodia. Dog bites are also common, with approximately 600,000 dog bites per year occurring. Approximately 800 people per year die of rabies in Cambodia.

Rabies is transmitted through bites, scratches, or licks from a rabies-infected animal. Aside from saving the lives of abandoned pets, a dog rescue Cambodia initiates is working to help reduce the spread of rabies.

What does Animal Mama do to help the stray animals in Cambodia?

Rescuing homeless pets


Animal Mama is an animal clinic which aims to provide veterinary and pet wellness services to animals in Cambodia. Aside from being a veterinary hospital, they are also working as a dog rescue Cambodia organization to save the lives of stray animals.


Work In Reducing Rabies


Animal Mama is working to reduce the spread of rabies and ensure that animals don’t have to live on the streets. They are also ensuring that humans are able to properly care for the animals they rescue. They have created a distribution network of pharmacies along with the Cambodian Ministry of Health to provide post-animal bite rabies shots in order to reduce the spread of rabies in the country.


Rescuing Homeless and Stray Pets


Animal Mama initially began with a mission to rescue homeless and stray pets. The founder of the organization saw that she could no longer take in every one of the large number of homeless animals living on the streets. For that reason, she decided to invest in rehoming, eradicating diseases, vaccinations, and desexing animals. Animal Mama began as a daycare and boarding center and evolved into a veterinary care center as the founder realized that they were spending a lot of money on vet bills.

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