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In most parts of the world, dogs are man’s best friends. However, there are other parts where dogs are traded for their meat. For example, the Cambodia dog meat trade has become prevalent these days. While many people raise dogs as members of the family, there are some others who raise dogs for food.

There are unacceptable cruelty issues following this horrible fact. We have a look at how cruel the dog meat trade is and how we can actually end it.

What is the dog meat trade?

The dog meat trade is a practice of taking dogs and selling their meat on the market for consumption. These dogs are either strays taken from the streets, dogs stolen from their human caretakers, or dogs bred and raised to be eaten. Cruelty is an inseparable part of the dog meat trade process. Dog collectors wound, tie up, and lock the dogs in tiny cages so that they can be transferred to bigger collectors who are usually the butchers. These dogs suffer from wounds, exhaustion, dehydration, and trauma before being beaten to death.

This practice is quite common in some Asian countries, but China is the biggest culprit among others. It’s home to the famous Yulin Dog Meat Festival where you can find thousands of dogs sold alive and dead for food. In this festival, humans slaughter dogs in the cruelest of ways. They can be either burned alive with fire torches or thrown into boiling water.

You can also hear numerous stories about the Indonesia and Cambodia dog meat trades, and the same cases in other Southeast Asian countries. What is happening in these places is just cruelty.

What does Animal Mama do to end the dog meat trade?

Animal Mama is a vet hospital and animal wellness center committed to helping end the Cambodia dog meat trade. Not only do we rescue dogs and find them a home through adoption, but we have also been actively campaigning against this cruel industry. Our hospital keeps educating people and empowering communities to support this campaign.

Animal Mama is a part of an activist movement to disrupt and end the dog meat trade in Cambodia. Through collaboration with the local community, we sustain the efforts to curb this cruelty.

We’ve inspired many people to voluntarily join our campaign against dog meat trade and general animal cruelty issues through animal rescue and other services. You can find more about what we do by exploring our website.

How can we advocate against animal cruelty?

Thirsty Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends, and seeing them become subjects of cruelty is truly heart-breaking and unacceptable. However, it’s actually not only dogs that suffer. Yes, there are other animals suffering from cruelty in the same way dogs do for the dog meat trade, but not many people stop to think about it.

We humans kill many different types of animals not only for their meat, but also for their skins, bones, and other body parts. For example, animals like cows, crocodiles, sheep, snakes, pigs, and other animals are bred and killed in huge numbers for leather creation.

At this point, campaigns aren’t enough to end these practices as we need more concrete actions as well. We can support companies that make belts from vegan materials in opposition to the animal-based leather industry that uses animal skin. You can now find vegan products much easier when you go online. There are not just vegan belts, but also vegan shoes, bags, jackets, and any other product you can think of. These products aren’t only cruelty-free, but they’re also more sustainable for the environment. If more people choose to support these products, the sooner these animal cruelty issues would end.

To sum it up

The dog meat trade rings the alarm of the cruelty faced by animals whether it’s for food, clothing, or any other product. Animal cruelty has become a major problem we should fight against through education and campaigns. It doesn’t matter where it happens or who it happens to; we need to end it all.

Everyone can contribute to ending animal cruelty by supporting, using, consuming, or wearing vegan products instead of animal-based products. It’s all about taking a stand, and we can actually make positive changes for human beings and animals alike.

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