Wat Langka

Wat Than is another small Pagoda but it has recently seen many kittens being born to the adult cats who live there. Other organisations have tried to desex this whole Pagoda but we only saw 2 animals who were desexed on our documenting visit. The trend seems to be to concentrate on vaccinations only. Our approach is to completely desex, vaccinate, treat, and microchip every animal so that the population is under control. Until the population is controlled, vaccination programs just will not be effective.


Total animals seen/recorded February 2018: 42

Desexed by Other Organisations: 2

Desexed by Animal Mama: 23

To Be Desexed: 5 adults (plus 12 who are too young at the moment)

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These numbers aren’t exhaustive and there are more animals who we didn’t see. If you or any organisation you know of would like to collaborate, please get in touch with us; we would love to work with you and share resources.

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