Why do We want to receive Vet Students, Veterinarians & Vet Journalists?

-Why do We want to receive Vet Students, Veterinarians & Vet Journalists?
Why do We want to receive Vet Students, Veterinarians & Vet Journalists?2018-08-24T10:56:59+00:00
  • We want to extend our mission across the country and get qualified, passionate people to help us in the important work we do.

  • We aim to share our ideas, passion, knowledge and reasons behind our mission and goals. Moreover, we would like to learn from others and work with global animal welfare community, to participate together in development of new and fresh ideas; we are convinced that international students or veterinarians are the key in this process of local and global growth.

  • We envision the unity of veterinary practitioners for the welfare of animals and public health; we believe there are no borders in animal protection, animal rights or veterinary knowledge.

  • We believe we can make a concrete positive impact in Cambodia and show the world that this beautiful country is more than just a country on the map. We are sure that students and veterinarians who are enthusiastic about the making a difference, will love the country, its people, its culture, its history and will not only gain the knowledge through this internship, but also make the impact and create better conditions for both, animals and people.

  • We offer a curriculum where students and veterinarians can not only help us, but also build their own veterinary capacity and growth. Out team will try to make it the best experience of their veterinary life.

  • We aim to continue finding friends anywhere in the world and what better way than to see students or veterinarians passing through our facilities and enjoy this experience together.

  • We aim to build the capacity of local veterinary students and as a part of this internship, the international interns will work alongside 2 intern local students, exchange the knowledge and build capacity of overall veterinary skills in the country.

  • We encourage the applications from veterinary journalists as well to join us in Cambodia for internship. Many topics we work with and engage in are exciting and need to be covered in the media to bring global awareness and positive change for animals and humans living with and around them.