Street Animals

Almost every day, sick and injured street animals are brought to us here at Animal Mama. We use the profits from our Social Enterprise to pay for their treatments and care, but we can’t cover the costs of all the animals who need help on our own. We never want to turn away a sick or injured animal, so join us and make sure everyone gets the help they need.


Some animals stay with us to receive treatment and procedures and are sometimes released back to their Pagodas or communities. In most cases, the animals are not able to return and will stay with us until we find them a loving forever home. We have strict criteria for adoption and make sure the family and the individual animal make a perfect pair.


While we are visiting local Pagodas as part of our Phnom Penh Pagoda Cat Tours, Heng, ‘The Khmer Cat Man’, checks on the animals and liaises with the local residents to discuss any issues they may have.  Any new animals are noted and placed on the list of animals to desex and treat at Animal Mama.

Foster Family Network

As well as adoption, we also offer our Foster Family Network for people who are perfectly suited to have a pet but aren’t in the country for very long. If you would like to find out more about how to join our Foster Family Network and foster an animal in need, please find out more here and get in touch.