In Cambodia, up to 1,000 die of rabies every year, and these are only the reported cases. Almost all of them contracted rabies from a dog infected with the rabies virus.

Rabies has the highest fatality rate of any disease and around 40% of those who die from rabies’ agonizing symptoms are children. Reporting of these deaths is extremely poor as rabies has its highest impacts in the most neglected populations, farthest from medical and veterinary services.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is a global day of awareness that is now in its 11th year. Governments, organisations and individuals hold events on this day that highlight their work and educate their communities.

Last year, we took part and offered FREE Rabies Vaccinations for pet owners and even went out into the community to administer FREE vaccines to the local residents.

Animal & Human Collaboration

We take a science-led approach, focusing on the collaboration between animal and human health organisations which is central to the success of our actions and activities. Our Rabies Eradication Program is run alongside our Pagoda Spay/Neuter Program where we Desex, Vaccinate, Treat, and Microchip every animal.

Some animal organisations focus on Vaccinating over Spay/Neuter but within a short time, even just 6 months after a community is vaccinated, the population of animals soon multiplies and the impact is negated. In order to successfully eradicate Rabies, we have to focus on a combination of Spay/Neuter, Vaccination, and Microchipping.