Urinary Care Gravy (85g)

--Urinary Care Gravy (85g)

Urinary Care Gravy (85g)


Royal Canin Gravy Urinary Care

Urinary Care in Gravy helps maintain urinary tract health in healthy adult cats (1-7 years old), with measurable scientifically proven results. Urinary Care’s special formula aim’s to meet your healthy cat’s nutritional needs by providing a balanced intake of minerals that assist in reducing the pH-value of the urine and reducing the chance of stones developing.

Key Benefits:

  • Urine Balance – formulated to help maintain a healthy balance of minerals in the urine
  • Ideal Weight Maintenance – helps maintain ideal weight

Made Specifically For: Healthy adult cats that do not have a urinary issue or a history of urinary problems. This food is not a replacement for a diet prescribed by your veterinarian.