Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal – Prescription Veterinarian Diet

Before you purchase this food you must have had it prescribed by your pets vet. If this is not the case please contact our help desk or your local vet.

Gastro Intestinal is formulated for the nutritional management of dogs with acute and chronic gastro intestinal disorders. This is achieved through highly digestible ingredients and a high energy content.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps maintain a healthy digestive system through the combination of fermentable fibres (beet pulp and FOS) and specific nutrients
  • This formula is high energy reducing the amount of food given per meal.
  • Dogs suffering from digestive troubles often show a decreased appetite and weight loss. The right balance of ingredients makes this diet highly appetising for dogs experiencing digestive upsets
  • Essential Fatty acids, EPA & DHA, help maintain a healthy digestive system and healthy skin