The Problem

There are fifty Pagodas in Central Phnom Penh, each with approximately forty cats and dogs. Most of these animals are abandoned and homeless and live as best they can with rice and scraps given by the monks and local residents. They suffer from terrible illness and injury and are constantly breeding which adds to the Pagoda Problem.

With each pagoda housing around forty cats and dogs, there are approximately two thousand animals residing in them in total. The situation for these animals is not good. They are fed by local monks, Pagoda residents, and local people who visit them. There are no organised feeding programs in place, so without these people, the animals would have nothing to eat. The food they receive is typically rice with scraps of vegetables, meat, and fish, and the more they breed, the less food they all have to share.

The food is the least of their worries, but it is a key factor in their ill health. When they give birth, the kittens, in particular, suffer terribly. They are born with diseases, suffer from malnutrition, and soon become ill and die. All this unnecessary suffering can be avoided if we can put a city wide Spay & Neuter Program in place.

All we have to do to solve the Phnom Penh Pagoda Problem, is Desex, vaccinate, deworm, treat for parasites, and microchip all the Pagoda animals in a short a time as possible. Once these procedures and treatments are given, we can support the local people with food and offer places to bring any sick or injured animals in the future. Any new animals who come to live a the Pagoda, either by being abandoned or brought there by a new monk or resident, can also be booked in to be desexed and treated.

The Solution

Our Pagoda Cat Tours will be a key factor in making this sustainable and will cover the costs of the food and also the transportation of animals to and from Animal Mama Veterinary Clinic. This social enterprise (run by the Cambodian local people with support from a number of local and international parties) will enable us to closely monitor the Pagoda populations and ensure the health and wellbeing of the animals.

When the Pagodas are completed, we can move out into the local Markets and then even open up free desexing and treatments to local under privileged people. This program can also be rolled out across the country, and we have links and relationships with Pagoda Animal Groups in Sihanoukville and Siem Reap who are doing amazing work with little to no support.

Your Help 

This is where you come in. We are doing our best to tackle this problem with our own resources and a small group of individuals who contribute and help with the movement. So far, in little over one month, we have been able to desex and treat almost 100 animals. But we can’t help all 2000 on our own.

To tackle this problem efficiently, we need your help. For just $27, we can desex, vaccinate, deworm, treat for anti-parasites, and microchip one Pagoda Cat or Dog. All the information will be recorded on our Passpet Database which collects all the animals data and information including geolocation. We can see our progress at a glance and literally watch the problem being solved on the map! The Cat or Dog will be kept an Animal Mama until they are fully recovered and all their food, board, and aftercare is included in your $27 donation.

You can donate on our GoFundMe page here.

$27 will cover everything needed to desex and treat one animal. If you would prefer to donate more or less, then please do. Any amount is welcomed and very much appreciated. Thank You!

Why Are We Different? Why Donate To Animal Mama?

Animal Mama is a sustainable social enterprise, so we use the profits from our products and services to pay for procedures, treatments, and initiatives like our Pagoda Spay/Neuter Program.

We differ from regular charities because we make sure your donation only goes on treating an animal. When you donate $27, that money is only used for a specific animal and their treatment. We don’t use your donation to pay for expense accounts or daily operating costs; the $27 is purely spent on the animal and the costs incurred during their treatment. Where we differ the most, is we guarantee your donation will be used to help an animal and give you access to our animal database and accounts; you can literally search to see which animal your donation has helped and even name them!

We believe that it takes a village to make a real difference and solve the problems the animals face every day in Cambodia. Together, we can change the world for these animals!

Thank You.