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Thinking of getting an animal as an addition to your family? Instead of heading to a pet store and buying one, you might want to adopt instead.

Animals provide companionship, love, and affection that can fill our gaping hearts and homes. Many people opt to buy animals from pet stores or breeders in order to get purebred pets. However, it’s still better to look for your furry companion at an animal shelter.

Countless stray cats and dogs across the world are looking for forever homes. However, not many people care to save them. For example, there are only a few shelters that care for the street animals in Cambodia. By adopting one, you’re not only gaining a lifelong friend, but you’ll be saving a life as well.

Who is Animal Mama?

Adopt and Foster

For animal lovers in Cambodia, you can get the best veterinary care from Animal Mama. It is an animal clinic and a passion project founded by Yulia Khouri, an animal welfare activist, and businesswoman. It aims to provide unique, holistic, and affordable services to animals and their human companions. Animal lovers who travel in Phnom Penh and stay at YK Art House often visit this clinic.

Animal Mama offers various pet wellness and veterinary services. These include:

Veterinary services

  • Hematology blood testing
  • Biochemistry blood testing
  • Digital X-ray
  • 4D color ultrasound
  • IDEXX snap test
  • Rapid testing
  • Diagnostic laboratory
  • Surgery
  • Vaccination

Pet wellness

  • Doggy daycare
  • Pet boarding
  • Nutritional services
  • Homemade treats and food
  • Doggy pool

The professional vets at Animal Mama also offer expert advice on various matters, such as dog and cat health problems, treating your animals, getting an animal companion for the first time, oral health, body language, and more.

Perhaps the best thing about the clinic is their love and care for the stray animals in Cambodia, even providing free services for strays and people who can’t afford to pay for vet care. The clinic accepts donations that will go to animal rescues, adoptions, and rabies eradication programs.

Why should we adopt and foster animals instead of buying from breeders?

You save a life

Every year, thousands of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized because of overcrowding in animal shelters. In Cambodia, street animals may live a miserable life after being abandoned. Some of them die from malnutrition, traffic injuries, or even due to the declining yet still happening dog and cat meat trade.

By adopting, you save an animal from living a sorrowful life and give them a new opportunity to live a new, happy one. Plus, when you take an animal from a shelter, you’re making space for another street animal to be rescued.

It’s cheaper than buying from pet stores

Aside from the meager adoption fee, you won’t be spending anything at all if you adopt. A rescue animal won’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. All you need to purchase are dog or cat essentials as well as veterinary expenses. Make sure you get your furry friends the best quality toys for cats and dogs to help them live the best life in their new home.

Many people would rather get their animals from pet stores or breeders because they want purebreds, sometimes for aesthetic purposes or because they feel purebreds are better behaved. However, there are plenty of purebred animals in shelters, too. And, mixed-breed animals are just as beautiful and loving. So, going to a shelter will give you plenty more options than a pet store.

You boycott puppy mills

Puppy mills are breeding facilities that make female dogs give birth to puppies over and over again. This is to sell numerous puppies to pet stores and gain profit. Puppy mills have no regard for animal welfare, and the dogs that live there are housed in dreadful conditions. It can be difficult to tell if the animal you’re purchasing has come from a puppy mill, so it is best to avoid purchasing an animal instead of rescuing one.

By adopting a rescued animal, you’re boycotting the puppy mill industry. Most pet stores get their animals from irresponsible breeders. So, instead of buying from them and perpetuating the situation, you can help make it stop by adopting animals.

How can Animal Mama help you adopt or foster an animal?

rescued animals that are available for adoption

Looking for your next furry best friend? Animal Mama can help you adopt one … or two, or three! The adoption process is easy, and the clinic will guide you every step of the way.

The first thing you will have to do is to take a look at the rescued animals that are available for adoption. Animal Mama houses several adorable animals, including cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies, waiting to find their forever homes. You can call them beforehand to arrange a visit so you can meet these animals.

Upon meeting, the staff at Animal Mama will discuss the adoption process as well as the criteria. Make sure that when you decide to adopt an animal, you won’t leave them. If unexpected circumstances happen, you can return the adopted animal to them to make sure they aren’t abandoned again. When you adopt an animal, it is important to remember you’re adopting a life that is dependent on you.

Animal Mama doesn’t charge an adoption fee if you decide to take in a rescued animal. However, they do encourage making a donation of $50 to help fund their rescue missions to animals in Cambodia. Other than the donation and the animal supplies you’ll be buying, you’ll be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars that you could have spent if you bought from a pet store or breeder.

Lastly, all rescue animals from Animal Mama are in healthy condition. Their vet team ensures that the furry friend you’ll take home has been vaccinated, treated for parasites, dewormed, and received the necessary care. If you’re adopting a kitten or puppy, make sure you come back to Animal Mama to get them desexed when they are old enough. Desexing is an important step to ensure more animals don’t end up on the street due to uncontrolled breeding.

If you want to gain a friend, save a life, and be infinitely happy, adopt an animal from Animal Mama or any shelter near you.

To save more animals, you can also consider supporting organizations like those who advocate for animal-free diets. This disaster relief organization saves humans from hunger by providing healthy, plant-based food. You can do some research into plant-based nutrition education to help incorporate more compassionate choices into your diet.  Not only does this help the environment and human beings, but they save the many animals that would otherwise be consumed, from harm.

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